Possibly the LARGEST Rescue Ever

It's sad but true - this is where the real work begins. Time is limited and there is much work to be done. This is one of, or possibly THE largest rescues ever. There is so much riding on this. If we (horse and animal advocates) cannot pull together and save 810 horses, how on earth can we take care of horses if the borders are closed. This is huge folks, we must succeed. If we want slaughter eliminated - then we need to come together and show that we can "git 'er done". Matt picked up 4 more horses for Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang and is once again on the road. Fleet of Angels adopted out and Palomino and her crew sorted and loaded out 10 horses yesterday. We are all so grateful that El

Settlement Reached for ISPMB Horses

Matt and Palomino, our friends from Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang, are headed back to South Dakota to continue loading out the horses that are being adopted. This photo was taken just before they arrived at ISPMB. Snow has actually drifted so high over some of the fencing that horses can simply walk out. As they were driving, they received a message from the Sheriff that the court hearing had been cancelled. A deal had been reached between Karen Sussman and the Counties. Karen gets to keep 20 of her favorite Gila horses and the rest have been turned over to Fleet of Angels. So the work begins - there are 520 horses needing homes immediately!! Folks have asked "Does that mean the horses

Motion Filed to Change Ownership of ISPMB Horses

The South Dakota state’s attorneys in Ziebach and Dewey Counties have filed a motion requesting that a judge transfer to two equine welfare organizations control of 540 wild horses found starving and neglected at the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros in Lantry, SD in September, 2016. If the motion is approved, the wild horses would be placed in safe homes rather than sold at auction, where they could fall into the hands of kill buyers who would transport them to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. This would be one of the largest known equine rescue and adoption efforts in U.S. history. Read the entire story here

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