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Considering including Let'em Run in your Estate Planning?

We understand that decisions about bequests are never made lightly, and we cannot thank you enough for considering a gift to Let'em Run as part of your estate planning. 
Should you decide to give, you will be helping us move toward our goal of promoting truly competent management and compassionate care for these magnificent animals.  It is our vision to promote the notion of encouraging the government and private stake holders to help set aside a number of generous 100,000 to 250,000 acre sanctuaries to provide permanent grazing areas where the wild horses can run free… safe from encroaching development, safe from human predators, and just as importantly where populations can be managed by means of compassionate birth control.  Expertly administered and marketed, these sanctuaries will provide eco-tourism opportunities where visitors from all over the globe can come and interact with the animals in a non-invasive way and truly experience the American west in all its glory.  With your gift, we will be leaving a lasting legacy for our children and our children’s children.
In most cases, bequests are not subject to state inheritance or estate taxes.  Please consult an estate planner and/or your tax professional to determine the best way for you to make your bequest.  Thank you again for continuing to help preserve and protect the wild horses - living symbols of our American heritage.
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