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The Let 'em Run Foundation performs numerous services in the fulfillment of our activities to watch over and protect America's wild horses and burros.  In addition, we work with other similar organizations around the country to ensure the safety and survival of these animals. 

Our organization works diligently to preserve the habitat and surroundings for these free roaming wild horses and burros to insure they have places to roam.  We work with local, state, and federal governments as well as other organizations and private parties to make this a reality.


After we've rescued a horse or burro, we insure that it is provided sanctuary and protected from outside influences which could harm or place it in danger.  Through this effort, we work tirelessly with groups and individuals to place these horses and burros in safe temporary environments.


In those cases where horses or burros are in danger, are injured, or need to be rescued, we are aggressive in our efforts to save them.  In the event they have been rounded up and sent to holding pens or to auction, or need medical care in the wild, we take all actions necessary to save or rescue them.


Once a wild horse or burro has been saved, we are dedicated to finding it a permanent and safe home, either with concerned and responsible citizens, on a horse ranch, or, preferably, on a large wild horse preserve. 

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