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A Statement from the Board

With regard to the efforts of American Wildhorse Campaign and other Nevada horse advocates who are working towards the reinstatement of a Cooperative Agreement with the Nevada Department of Agriculture – we at Let ‘em Run (LERF) feel that since we are primarily a fundraising entity as opposed to an actual “boots on the ground” rescue organization, it will be a better use of us as a resource if we are not one of the participants in the agreement itself. We will continue to support those organizations whose vision most closely aligns with our own philosophies, and we are happy to attend meetings and speak on behalf of the horses when it makes sense for us to do so.

Our philosophy, when it comes to LERF providing funding to horse advocacies who depend on charitable donations for their funding, includes two basic tenets. First, that the sanctuary be a dynamic facility that does not warehouse large numbers of horses for long periods of time. In our view, doing so prevents additional horses from being rescued, rather than getting horses adopted and down the road to qualified homes. Second, we are averse to supporting organizations that use social media in negative ways, disparaging other advocacies in the process. In our opinion, groups should be able to handle their disputes in private and in a professional and courteous manner.

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