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A BIG Thank You to all who helped in 2017

Hello Everyone,

It is with deep gratitude that I write in these early weeks of the New Year to say thank you to all of our members, donors, friends, family, volunteers, musical performers and technical support folks, the Dalton Girls (our merchandising machine) and most especially the Board members of our Let ‘em Run Foundation for a great and successful year in 2017.

We, with the help of our extended family of WIN, Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang, W.H. Mentors, Wynema Ranch and others, were able to rescue, immunize, provide farrier and vet care and re-home hundreds of wild horses and a few domestics. These animals, for the most part, were headed straight for slaughter. Chilly Pepper alone rescued between 200-300 this year and loaded out 550 horses in 50 below blizzard conditions at the failed ISPMB Sanctuary in South Dakota. Matt and Palomino were there six months without proper equipment and hampered by severe disabilities. They also loaded out around 60 wild horses who were blind. This is real “boots on the ground” advocacy, with only a portion of their expenses being covered. But, the good news is, all except fewer than 20 horses were successfully re-homed and saved from starvation and appalling neglect in utterly heart-breaking conditions.

Thank you forever, Chilly Pepper and all who stepped up with donations, prayers, transportation, and re-homing. Kudos also to Willis and Sharon Lamm at LRTC and WH Mentors for some incredibly difficult and demanding rescues, including the one that went on for 81 straight hours. The large animal rescue team also operates on donations only for expenses. It is an all-volunteer organization.

We wish only good things for American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign’s birth control program for the Virginia Range herd and pray for their continued success.

There are no words to express our love and immense gratitude to WIN (Wild Horses In Need) for the enormous contributions and behind the scenes work they do on a daily basis. They save thousands of animals, including wild horses, every year and are funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars of private money – a gift we can hardly comprehend!

Kudos also to Shari Floyd for her ongoing love and dedication to the horses placed in her care at Wynema Ranch for the last five years. No mud is too deep, no snow too cold, no wind too fierce and no ice too thick to stop this amazing army of one. God Bless you Shari.

And to all of you who have helped or believed in us, and are part of our family, we vow to keep on fighting to save God’s creatures 4 feet at a time.

Again, thank you all forever!

Lacy J. Dalton, LERF, & Partners

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