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Shadow Gets a New Home

Our friends a Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang rescue were able to send Shadow to a new home at Crosswinds Equine Rescue in Sidel, Illinois. Crosswinds published this post when Shadow arrived: "Shadow arrived today 5/13/17, who was apparently badly injured during a roundup from the Washington state Yakama Nation wild herd, slamming into a fence and destroying her right eye (it had to be enucleated/removed) and believed to have damaged the optic nerve of the left eye.Shadow is (we are told completely blind) and feral yearling filly, unbranded mustang (born in a 'sanctuary'), whose right eye had to be removed upon rescue. Estimated foaling date is May 2016.Once we better understand her vision challenges, and get her haltered, she will get a Jordy Canid Inc Bilndsight-E unit soon and hopefully she will learn to visualize just like her future companion, Sol!"

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