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Princess Big Girl leaves us

If you were following our earlier story about the little girl from Idaho that took Big Girl home and gave her all the love she had, you'll want to know about this. It turns our Big Girl was pregnant, and apparently older than we even thought. She went into labor, and the vet was called - it looked as though everything was going ok. The next morning, the little girl, Lee, went out to hug her horse before going to school, and Big Girl licked her whole face as if to say goodbye. After Lee left for school, Big Girl's heart gave out before she was able to give birth to her colt, and they both left this earth. Obviously Lee was distraught when she got home, and her mother sent this message about what happened that night. "Lee woke up about 1:30 just bawling, I went and crawled into the bed with her and she said she had the best saddest dream, I asked what about and she said about her princess and her baby. But it was weird cuz they talked and said how much they love her and how she didn't want to go, but her life was complete with being so loved by Lee. And she'll be waiting for her." What an amazing little girl! Now, our friends at Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang are working on getting another horse for Lee so she can continue to love and get her therapy at the same time.

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